Partners in Creation

Helping young startups and small businesses with an AI footprint

Partners in Creation

Helping young startups and small businesses with an AI footprint

About {str}AI


Why the initiative

STRAI, the name itself is generated by a neural network using different combination of words from all over the internet.I believe it means Strategic AI. With the growth of machine learning into mainstream, young entrepreneurs and small business owners are slowly pushing the limits of their business by venturing into different AI capabilities. I believe in helping such initiatives by contributing with my own experience  of establishing a proper AI footprint that fits into their information systems. I have been working for 5 years in various positions of software engineering with an experience of machine learning in one of the largest banks in Belgium. I take upon additional activity to help businesses uncover the full industrialisation of such AI initiatives.




Beginning with an ideation process to understand your need and the drive for automation. I help early stage startups and small businesses to realise the potential of adding automated services in their core business.



Helping you curate a system level architecture of the solution, including a cost assessment of choosing a particular cloud partner. Enable modern and robust framework and practices for smooth development and release cycles. Bridging the gap between Data Science and Engineering.


Machine Learning Engineering

Rapid prototyping, building a machine learning pipeline that fits into the information eco system of the business. Using modern machine learning toolkit to validate the idea and enable companies to start using augmented intelligence into their businesses.

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